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Transform. Inspire. Engage.

We’re a group of investors who focus on empowering marginalized communities and igniting transformation by investing in minority owned businesses.

We believe that when minority businesses thrive, we all thrive.
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We see minority-owned businesses as catalysts of transformation.

Minority-owned businesses in America are seen as too risky, and have been forgotten by traditional investment firms for centuries. The majority of minority businesses are left to fend for themselves, unable to access capital, and held at a distance from the relational equity needed to lift their communities out of systemic disparity. They suffer at the hands of a broken system–one that’s been broken . . . until now.

The odds are stacked against minority businesses. Because of this the communities inside those minority owned businesses suffer. The local economy's suffer. The people and families suffer. The game of equity and opportunity is not meant to be won for minorities. We are rewriting the rules, and changing the game entirely so that every business has a chance to scale, grow, and transform their communities.

When the playing
field isn’t fair, it’s time to change the game.

Our Mission

A North Star to true economic freedom

The word Norstell means "North Star." It’s a symbol of navigation that our ancestors used to follow their way out of slavery. Slaves didn't know how to read or write, but knowing how to read the night sky was passed down from their ancestors. At Norstell, our mission is to become a light that others follow–one that directs the footsteps of the forgotten out of the shadows of economic disparity.


We are Black Owned

Norstell Capital Group is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), with majority Black ownership, control, and operation.


Extensive Impact Experience

Our leadership collectively has more than 75 years experience engaging and transforming communities.


Data Driven Approach

We employ a data-driven deal sourcing, investment selection process that uses consumer purchasing behavior to determine the growth potential of prospective investments.

Trust matters

Here’s a few of our investment partners . . .

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Inspire Equity

Learn about our latest project


The Inspire Equity Fund Platform will leverage $250 Billion in equity investment to invest in Black businesses in 50 cities across the United States.


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